Friday, 10 August 2012

Regional Director for Yorkshire and the North East at The Audience Agency

I've got some great news to share - I've started a new job as Regional Director for Yorkshire and the North East at The Audience Agency, the new national audience development agency for England. My colleague Caroline Griffin, who's started at same time to do the equivalent role in the Midlands, summed up the new organisation and its work rather neatly here:
The organisation exists to help arts and cultural organisations achieve their goals, through supporting understanding and engaging with audiences. We’re specialists in audience information, and in turning that information into practical, effective actions. And we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing arts, heritage and cultural organisations in the current climate. We also have the tools and the skills your organisation needs to focus on its most valuable resource: its audience.
Given my background, both in the region and in audience development, this is a new role I'm really excited by. There are also a couple of things that might be useful to note:
  • There will be a range of events and communications for regional organisations to find out more about the new agency and its Audience Focus work on behalf on Arts Council England. But if you'd like to know more and just can't wait to find out what it's all about, do please get in touch (see my new contact details here; the agency site is here, with a box to sign up for email news).
  • I'll be doing a bit less freelance work, although I will still be doing some (so don't skip to the next name on your list without getting in touch!). Through this new role, I've also now got a team of fantastic colleagues with a wide range of specialisms who may also be able to help.
The full press release is here.

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