Thursday, 12 January 2012

Segmentation Is Essential: Quotes

'The study of audience behaviour leads us to the conclusion that potential audiences consist of sub-groups of individuals with similar needs, characteristics, motivations and buying practices. For arts organizations to attempt to attract members of all of these groups at the same time for the same events is unrealistic... one of the most important tasks of the marketing function in an arts organization is to identify the most appropriate ways to divide up their potential audience.' Creative Arts Marketing, Liz Hill

'...most firms have moved from mass marketing to segmented marketing, in which they target carefully chosen submarkets or even individual consumers' Principles of Marketing, Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong

'Marketing segmentation is a very important concept in marketing and in marketing planning' - The Marketing Plan: A Practitioner's Guide, John Westwood

'The idea of dividing a market up into homogeneous segments and targeting each with a distinct product and/or message, is now at the heart of marketing theory' - Market Segmentation, Michael J Croft

'Market segmentation is widely regarded to be one of the key elements of modern marketing' - The Market Segmentation Workbook, Sally Dibb and Lyndon Simkin

'Segmenting is the crucial first step [in the strategic marketing process]. All customers are not the same...' Arts Marketing Insights, Joanne Scheff Bernstein.

These quotes are to illustrate a point made in my blog post for Audiences UK here.

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  1. Thanks for this - i thought the Kotler and Croft quotes really got to heart of what segmentation is about!